Thanks Mayor Stoney for Being a Music Lover

In a city featuring many outlets for creativity, like The Broadberry, it is always great to see governmental powers supporting arts, music, and creativity.

Richmond VA mayor, Levar Stoney, sat down with feature front man of the rock band Municipal Waste, Tony Foresta, to talk about Stoney’s impact on the city, and the importance of arts in RVA.

“To me, the cities that are taking off are the ones are the ones who are emphasizing talent,” Stoney said. “In order to do that, you’ve got to have a vibrant art scene.”
Stoney said he wants to keep being a cheerleader for the city and continue to build up its energy as he’s done in his first six months in office.

Describing himself as a fan of hip-hop, Stoney admitted that he’s been listening to Drake’s new album, and The Tribe called Quest to pump himself up before speeches and presentations.

“I’ve been to cities who would die to have what we have,” Stoney said. “Can we do a better job of cultivating the scene? You’re damn right we can.”

It’s definitely a good feeling to know that the mayor supports the kind of creativity and excitement that we at The Broadberry embody. Keep on rocking mayor Stoney!

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