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Upcoming Events

We’re halfway through June but we still have a bunch of fun stuff lined up for y’all

Kottonmouth Kings are coming to The Broadberry for the first time ever on the 19th and Fear of Music w/ The Slank are playing on the 24th. We got the whole summer planned out with artists such as Layne’s Chains, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Matisyahu, Yarn, and many more just check out the rest of our calendar here.

End of June lineup 2016: Kottonmouth Kings, Radio Rell, The Real Chaos, D-Evil, Xile Kliq, Superheaven, Creepoid, Spirit of the Beehive, Fear of Music, The Slank, Boneachor, Frog Legs, Manatree, and more

End of June lineup 2016

The Broadberry Hosts Annual Fundraiser: Mary Munford Elementary

Alien Bartender

March 18th was an evening of intergalactic escapades as The Broadberry went interstellar for the annual Mary Munford Auction. The proceeds were used towards the schools progression in various areas, from technology in the classroom to  efforts towards student wellness. Among the laser lights and space projectors reflecting off the venues towering walls were tasty delectable and exquisite art pieces hand crafted by donators.

This years event generated close to $30,000 in revenue which will be sewn directly into the students and faculty of Mary Munford Elementary. It was our absolute honor and pleasure to be apart of such a vital and important event.  you can read about in on our blog here.

And Don’t Forget…

Summer 2016 Private Event Discount

Have a special day happening this spring/summer? Birthday parties, bridal showers, receptions, reunions, conferences – we can do it all! Take advantage of this exclusive offer!

You want more? Cause we want more of you! To see the full calendar for the summer click here. Tickets for shows can be bought in advance through our site on Ticketfly or at the door. Don’t forgot to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you’ll never miss what is happening at The Broadberry.