The Broadberry Hosts Annual Fundraiser: Mary Munford Elementary

imageMarch 18th was an evening of intergalactic escapades as The Broadberry went interstellar for the annual Mary Munford Auction The proceeds were used towards the schools progression in various areas, from technology in the classroom to efforts towards student wellness. Among the laser lights and space projectors reflecting off the venues towering walls were tasty delectable and exquisite art pieces handcrafted by donators.



The Mary Munford Auction is the PTA’s most lucrative fundraiser, bringing in over $35,000 in 2015. 2016 was the first year TMA was hosted at the Broadberry, and was done so with great enthusiasm. “The Auction is always one of the most fun nights of the year for Mary Munford parents and teachers. This year, we have moved to an exciting new venue – The Broadberry – and we hope this new location will provide an even more lively and fun atmosphere for our auction” – In reference to a silent auction held by Mary Munford Elementary School


Alien Bartender

This year’s event generated close to $30,000 in revenue which will be sewn directly into the students and faculty of Mary Munford Elementary. It was our absolute honor and pleasure to be a part of such a vital and important event. The theme itself was enough to Intrigue, as little green Martians infiltrated our venue. It has always been our mission to do all we can to meet the needs and desires of the client to the best of our ability, and we look forward with anticipation to next year’s auction!

Event Space







We’d like to honor our events manager, Erin for consistently surpassing expectations!
“Thanks, Erin! I really enjoyed in reference to a silent auction held by Mary Munford Elementary School with you. I appreciated how you said YES to everything — even to painting the sides of the benches black on the morning of the event! That was over and above, and I’m so grateful” – Hillary Szalay, Event Design Coordinator

Donated Artwork


“We had a great time Erin! Thanks for being so helpful as we worked with you to figure out how to best use the Broadberry! Everyone enjoyed the party and we had a successful auction…Hillary and Becky may have some great pictures. There are a few on the Mary Munford Parent’s Facebook site that are awesome! — Thanks again for all your work to make it happen!” — Rupa Murthy