What to Think About When Booking a Venue

Things You Should Know When Reserving Event Space

At The Broadberry we hold many special events ranging from concerts, weddings, art shows and parties, all of which create great memories in our lives. Those memories include the first time you visited our venue all the way up to the day of the event. The Broadberry wants our clients to have the best experiences with our staff and at our venue, so here’s a list of the things we think you should ponder upon when booking our space:

  1. In any event planning process, the venue is the first thing you should secure The venue can affect the desired date, anticipated guest list, duration of event and more. When considering our space,  we encourage you to set up a consultation and walk-through of the event space so you know exactly what the venue is capable of, how flexible the timeframe is, how setup is going to look; it’s a good idea to talk to those associated with the venue, we’re a great bunch.
  2. Know the right questions to ask our venue representative What time can people come in to setup? Is there parking available? What does the rental fee include? Ask about any fees or additional charges; ask about cancellation fees. Learn about our catering display options. And ask what others have done during their event at The Broadberry.
  3. Visit our venue before securing it for your event  Make sure that our space suits the needs of your event and let us know what you need us to do to fit what you want. At your walk through, come in with an open mind and be willing to discuss your thoughts. As a client, there are limitless ways for transforming our space and don’t be afraid to visit The Broadberry more than once.
  4. Hire a wedding planner or take advantage of hiring The Broadberry’s day of coordinator Hiring someone skilled in event planning to take care of you and your guests on the day of your event will go a long way. The event coordinator will make sure that enough time is allotted for everything that needs to get done on and before the event day. If you need someone familiar with our space to take care of your event needs, ask us about hiring our day of event coordinator.
  5. Know the details – Create a budget and be able to explain your vision to describe what you want as best as you can, we want to make your vision come to life. When you lock down on the details, fully disclose all of your thoughts to the event coordinator. Make your best effort to understand the logistics whether it be guest list size, date or any special accommodations that are needed. Think of the style and feel of the event and we’ll work with you to make it happen.
  6. Make this event your own  Work with us to ensure that your guests are given the best experience with top notch service, but don’t be afraid to spice things up with your personal tastes. Do not limit yourself when planning an event in our space, there’s not too much that we can’t do.
  7. Keep a paper trail – Be prepared to thoroughly read over each of the contracts set up for your event. Make yourself aware of any additional fees and always ask us if questions arise. If you’re planning a wedding, learn about marriage licensing and the regulations for your state; give a copy to someone you trust the day of your wedding so that it doesn’t get lost.